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The publishing division of PPI Group is a team of professional editors, writers, art directors, and regional sales managers who can execute the productions of a custom book or magazine from inception to print. We can create a publication to fit your style, voice, and needs in order to complement and further your brand.

With a wealth of travel writers and photographers around the world, plus experienced and talented in-house editors, writers, and designers, PPI Group’s publishing team can produce a custom publication with ease and experience.

We publish in-room and past-guest magazines, as well as hard-cover commemorative and inaugural books — all using only high-quality elements such as four-color graphics on premium, glossy paper stock as well as award-winning writing and photography on topics such as cuisine, culture, history, spa, shopping, and other lifestyle topics. A custom publication is not only entertaining and informative to your guests, it is a way to reinforce your brand and build customer loyalty.

Let our expert design and editorial staffs create a publication to suit your needs. Whether you are a cruise line, an airline, a hotel, a tourist board, or any other industry provider, we are here to design a professional, informative, and entertaining book or magazine that is aimed at your audience.

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