PPI Group Career Opportunity – Internships

Position Description: 
At PPI Group, we have a variety of internships available to help you jump start your career! These diverse opportunities range from Publishing, Marketing, Broadcast and Administrative – depending on what your interests are.
No experience is necessary for most of our internships.

Training is provided!

Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree
Open to all majors and all college levels
Knowledge of Google Apps Suite, Microsoft Excel and Word is a plus
Excellent oral and written communication skills

PPI Group will cooperate and aid the student in complying with all the requirements of their university’s internship program, including:
• We agree to give the student field-related tasks totaling a minimum of 20 hours /week during the internship.
• The intern will be supervised and mentored on-site by a professional in their field of study.
• At least 75% of the intern’s work will be hands-on work in their field of study.
• We will complete all required paperwork to verify attendance and evaluate the intern’s work at midterm and final.
• If there is a problem with the intern’s performance, we will contact the Student Career Services Advisor and/or the intern’s instructor immediately.
• The intern will work on the employer’s site using the employer’s equipment and software.

Send your resume to
hr@ppigroup.com for consideration