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Port Shopping Revenue Programs

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Port Shopping Program

PPI Group provides all components vital for a successful onboard Port Shopping Program by first providing industry-leading Port & Shopping Presenters to our cruise line partners. Port & Shopping Presenters create revenue and guest satisfaction through various onboard initiatives under the close direction of PPI Group’s dedicated staff.

Port & Shopping Presenters provide cruise ship guests with in-depth knowledge of the shopping opportunities in the ports of call during their cruise vacation. They also are able to provide an overview of the port history, culture, and logistics of getting around town. One of the many cruise guest benefits is the purchase protection guarantee that is offered by all of the recommended stores on the Port Shopping Program.
After more than 25 years in the business, PPI Group has proven its expertise in the operation of this extremely important revenue-producing program and is constantly striving to increase revenue while offering the finest customer service in the industry.
The Port Shopping Program’s strategy is to balance effective cruise marketing with enthusiastic Port & Shopping Presenters who provide the needed information to cruise ship guests.

How the Program Operates

PPI Group handles all facets of the Port Shopping Program, including:

1. Maintaining Solid Relationships with Cruise Line Partners
PPI Group proudly operates Port Shopping Programs for the following cruise lines: Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Silversea Cruises, The Yachts of Seabourn, SeaDream Yacht Club, Costa Cruises, Windstar Cruises, Cunard Line, Louis Cruises, and P&O Cruises. We also specialize in catering to individual cruise lines’ promotional, customer service, and revenue needs through our customized shopping programs and onboard revenue promotions.
2. Developing and Maintaining Partnerships with Participating Retailers and Brands
PPI Group has a strong, longstanding relationship with more than 500 retailers and 50 international brands spanning over 150 worldwide ports of call. With more than 25 years of experience, PPI Group understands the value of each promotional partner and the importance of maintaining a dynamic and diverse Port Shopping Program in order to maximize the cruise guests’ shopping opportunities.
Our client roster includes a wide range of retailers from large, corporate multi-port clients to intimate boutique-style stores. PPI Group’s International Brand Program features well-established household names as well as new and emerging trendsetting clients.
PPI Group provides an established, worldwide Port Shopping Program for the following territories: Alaska; Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean; Bermuda, Canada/New England; Mexico; South America; Europe; the South Pacific; Asia; and Hawaii. PPI Group continues to expand the shopping program to new destinations.
3. Recruiting and Professional Training of Port & Shopping Presenters
PPI Group recruits individuals with previous experience in sales, public speaking, and customer service, and provides intensive sales and operational training for all new Port & Shopping Presenters. PPI Group also offers training for specific regions that require a specialized approach or focus.
For more information about the Port & Shopping Presenter job description, requirements, application process, training, and life at sea, please click here.
4. Developing and Producing Promotional Materials
PPI Group creates unique and informative printed materials to enhance the guests’ shopping experience and support the Port Shopping Program.
PPI Group caters to cruise lines’ preferences and branding standards, and will work closely with the cruise lines to come up with a customized concept.
In addition, PPI Group provides Port Shopping Maps and other related promotional materials specific to each revenue port, which are crucial for the success of the Shopping Program. These maps provide historical and logistical information, as well as shopping recommendations in the various ports of call. PPI Group also provides port maps for non-shopping ports as a guest service.
Port Shopping Maps are also provided in multiple languages as needed, depending on cruise lines’ specific guest demographic or region of vessel calls. Currently, PPI Group provides maps in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Russian.
5. Employing an A-Rated Customer Service Department
PPI Group has a Fort Lauderdale-based Customer Service Department that specializes in assisting cruise ship guests with any merchandise claims post cruise. PPI Group proudly acknowledges it’s A-rating from the Better Business Bureau and continues to maintain its exceptional service.

Other Onboard and Shoreside Programs

PPI Group is conscious of every cruise line revenue center and understands the key to each cruise line’s overall success. Effective cross-promotion is the foundation for overall onboard revenue success and PPI Group is committed to assisting in every area.

PPI Group specializes in catering to clients’ needs, from customized, multi-language promotional pieces to exclusive promotional events for charters or large groups of cruise ship guests. Ask us how we can customize other revenue-producing programs to meet your promotional needs.



Cruise Ship Revenue Programs

Protect your Purchases


Shop with confidence at each of the recommended Stores in Port. All recommended store listed on the shopping map you received while on your cruise have paid a promotional fee and given their Buyer's Guarantee. This guarantee is valid for 30 days after purchase. The following conditions apply to the guarantee:

  • This guarantee is valid for repair or exchange
  • Guest negligence or buyer's remorse is excluded
  • Electronics and watches requiring service must be returned by the consumer to the respective manufacturer
  • Only appraisals from properly certified independent gemologists, not affiliated with any retail jeweler, will be considered
  • Price paid for merchandise or verbal claims/agreement between merchant and purchaser will not be grounds for return
  • All purchases, including fragile items need to be checked before leaving the store
  • Do not mail merchandise without prior authorization. Guests are responsible for postage and appraisal costs

If you need assistance within thirty days of purchase, please contact the PPI Group Customer Service Department at 888-774-4768

Please register ALL your purchases from the Shore-side Recommended Stores.

Please click here to Register your Purchases

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